So it came to "Hope for Ethiopia e.V."

2013 i visited for the first time the town Lalibela in the mountains of Ethiopia. The effect of the holy city, personal experiences and friendships in Lalibela are the reason for the birth of "Hope for Ethiopia eV". In April 2014 after my second visit to Lalibela, I start to arrange sponsorships for the poorest of the poor and needy people in Lalibela with kind people in Germany.


Lalibela, is a town in northern Ethiopia that is famous for its monolithic rock-cut churches. Lalibela is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities and a center of pilgrimage for much of the country. The churches are part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The town is located 2,500 meters high and has 8484 inhabitants almost completely Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. 


When I visit this wonderful country, I saw how much we have and how much is missing elsewhere. I have realized that it is necessary to support poor and needy people. Through our joint lived charity we keep humanitarian ideals alive.


The poverty and misery in our world seems limitless. For affected people, it is important to know what is love, compassion and hope. We who live in the rich society can build a better world. As we become active and share. By giving time, energy and money, from the heart and with a good will, we can create a better, fairer and brighter life for many people.


For me personally "Hope for Ethiopia" is the mission in which I can spend my time and energy with joy, passion and from my heart and not because of obligation, need or to earn money. Something that fulfills me and gives my life a sense. Ferdinand Reul



The help from person to person is required and motivates others to provide aid and assistance.


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More information and profiles of need can be found at SPONSORSHIPS