Hope for Ethiopia e.V.

Associationregister-No. 231593, based in Jena

Association Chairman Ferdinand Reul

Felsenkellerstraße 20, 07745 Jena


 Administration in Lalibela

Geza Kassa Sisay / Eyayaw Desaye


Phone: (+251) 0920477666

St-George Church Lalibela
St-George Church Lalibela

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Social Media & Networks

Link to Facebook: Hope4Ethiopia

Account by Twitter: HopeEthiopia

Hope at Google+: Hope for Ethiopia

Board of Directors

from Jena, Germany

together with good friends

and Acquaintances we are 

"Hope for Ethiopia e.V."

Our Colleague

in Lalibela

 Without Geza & Eyayaw would be "Hope for Ethiopia" impossible and a large part of the

work rests on their shoulders

Ferdinand Reul

Anne Lachmann

Geza Kassa Sisay

Eyayaw Desaye